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Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System

Perfect Conformability and Reduced Local Stress

65 µm Strut Thickness - 9 Crown open Cell Design for homogenous Vessel Coverage

Middle to Middle Interlinks for optimized Flexibility

Extremely low Crossing Profile

Design based Overexpansion Capability

Increase of Drug Delivery Efficiency due to the asymmetrical Coating

Perfect Coating Integrity up to maximum Expansion Diameter of 4.5 mm

Simultaneous Polymer Resorption and Drug Release within 3 – 4 Months to match the Procedure triggered Biological Response

Drug Release with high initial Release Rate

e-beam Sterilization guarantees reproduceable Coating Working Mechanism and Shelf Life of 3 Years

Wide Range of Sizes; Diameter up to 5.0 mm Stent Length up to 48 mm

Ultrathin 65 µm Design

Excellent Deliverability

Degradable Polymermatrix

Synchronized Polymerdegradation and Drug Release

Expansion Diameter up to 5.0 mm

Stent Lengths up to 48 mm

36 Months Shelf Life

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